Monday, August 20, 2012

In our 'Glory'

Karen, Derek, and I spent the day sailing around Conanicut Island on Glory with our new friends, Chris and Mary. Glory is a 45 foot sloop that is simply beautiful. We had a great afternoon learning how to sail and enjoying the breathtaking views of Rhode Island.

Mom took her out of the bay. 
Captain AK
The crew
Dad got to do a little sailing too!
Captain Chris took the wheel and showed us how the professionals do it!
Putting the rail in the water...
The sail boat was at a 45° angle!
Karen and Mary loving the ride!
I was sitting opposite of derek, using my feet to support myself. 
Do you see the horizon? and the angle of the sail?!?!

We had an unforgettable afternoon and can't wait to go sailing again! A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa T for the gift, for watching the girls for such a long day, and for giving us a day off!! We love you very much! Grandpa we should buy a sail boat... just sayin :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much for watching us when Momma can't, for making us laugh when we FaceTime, for giving us juice, for teaching us all about creepy cats, and for being our Grammy! We love you very much and hope you have a good day. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mr. Potato Head Creation

I was so proud when I saw the front of this Mr. Potato Head.
And when I turned him around... it was even better!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

6 Flags Adventure

Derek and I felt so cool. We decided to join Auntie Fran, Uncle Bill, and Angela on a spur of the moment trip to 6 Flags. Spur of the moment...meaning 8 hours before we planned to go. We had a great time, rode three roller coasters (front seat on two of them), and felt like we were 25 again! Thank you for a great evening!
Miss. Emma loves her carousel rides. Love the excitement in her eyes :)
Not so much excitement here... 
Flying the airplanes, notice how both are steering with their right foot!
We may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves on this one... 
A pirate ship that went back and forth but also spun in circles. Woofster!
This is more our speed, driving in the cars.
First ride on the ferris wheel!
Amelia and her daddy.
Emma and Angela. Emma was supposed to be sitting opposite of Angela but her kung foo grip prevented that from happening. 
Big girl swings. 
That's my nose UB!
We ended the night playing on a playground that was perfect for the girls.
Favorite pic of the day: "CAUTION Do Not Climb"

In case you were wondering...

After about 6+ years of having not been on a roller coaster, this is how we decided to ease back into it. We opted to be wild and crazy and sit in the front row. As the ride started we were pulled backwards up the ramp on the left, see arrow. We watched the ground move further and further away. Once we came to a stop and all was silent, we both yelled out to each other... "What are we doing?? We have kids to think about?? We are so dumb!" And then without a further thought we were released and launched  through the ride at an incredible speed. At the end of the ride, we both agreed that we felt at least 5 years younger and we were ready for another!

The last ride of the night was our third roller coaster and the last thing I remember is screaming at the top of my lungs "OH MY GOD, MY LEGS ARE GOING TO GET CUT OFF." It was so much fun, thanks again for a great night!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing with Grandma Debi

While we were at Meghan and Tom's wedding, 
Grandma Debi came over and played with us! 
 Even Grandma thinks your silly!
Big girls swimming.
So much sass!
Mastering the double push!
Sitting with Grandma.
Thank you for watching us Grandma Debi, we love you!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Congratulations Meghan and Tom!

We spent a beautiful July afternoon celebrating the marriage of two great people, Meghan and Tom. It was a lovely day surrounded by great company. Congratulations Meghan and Tom, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

The Bride being walked down the aisle by her father. 
Mr. and Mrs.
A day with no kids!
  We clean up nice :)
Table 1.
Cutest man ever.
Uncle John and Maureen dancing
Girl cousins with Uncle Joe
Boys with UJ 
The girls

And then everything changed after the photo booth...

Seven of us here... but we have another strip with 13 people. 
Here's some of the behind the scenes:
The Joe's in funny hats!
It's a good look JJ...
Sweet shades!
Nice hair UJ :)
Where's Waldo?
Breaking it down.
 Party in the USA!!