Friday, April 4, 2014

Fall Photos

Professional photos taken by Moment's by Melanie this fall.






 Really mom - we get it... thing one thing two.... funny... ha.

Tom and Jerry are way cooler.

One good lookin' group

Mom, am I as tall as you yet??  

 Who knew corn could be so fun?

This guy.


And this is why having twins is awesome!


Ok, so remember the title of the post is pick-your-own-pumpkin?? So where are these pumpkins? Here's the thing, we boarded a hay ride then they handed us hay and drove us into a herd of cows.

Uhhh, I don't know what is happening.

 I can't believe mom and dad are letting this happen.

And you thought feeding goats was dangerous!!

Nom. Nom.

 Do we still have all 20 fingers? 

Two big girls looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Got one!

 Emma too!
Love these kids :)

Jack-o-lantern festival

So many pumpkins!

 Pumpkins for miles..........

Here's one of our jack-o-lanterns... we lost the other one in the sea of pumpkins!

There was trick or treating

 And bounce houses!!

Hanging with our favorites.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fall Trolley Ride

All aboard!

Daddy cuddles.

Love our Yahya!

Daddy is so excited to get a pumpkin!

So strong!
(Dad we love the purple purse, so fashion forward)

Yahya, can you hold it.... it's too heavy.

Two pumpkins with their pumpkins.

Cruising back to the station.

One happy girl...

and her happy sister too!